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Wilsonia Historic District Trust, Inc. - a 501(c)(3)
Welcome to WHDT's Website: Winter 2022
WHDT works to Maintain Historic Designation for the Wilsonia Community, to provide educational activities and to support community events.  encourage community participation.  WHDT supports and encourages the vibrant community life which is vital to the continuance of the Historic District.   
Jean Faszholz a former WHDT board member maintains cabinet exhibits providing a "museum" for our community.
Our summer 2022 activities are summarized in Drew's letter on our home page
Under the leadership of board member Carey Metcalf we continue to work on a directory of Wilsonia Cabins.  The aim is to allow Cabin users to contact other users in case of an emergency and to foster community.  Only those cabins where interest has been expressed will be included.  We plan to distribute these in the 2023 summer season
We work with the Wilsonia Advisory Team(WAT) which works with the Village, the Masonic Tract and the Park to address issues of concern.