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Wilsonia Historic District Trust, Inc. - a 501(c)(3)
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Cabin Owners whose cabins have qualified as historic have the option of obtaining and installing a plaque like the one shown here
About Our Architectural Guidelines
If we are to remain a privately-owned cabin area within the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, it is important that Wilsonia maintain its status as an Historic District.  These guidelines were created to facilitate this. We need all Wilsonians to abide by the Architectural Guidelines, as prepared by the WHDT in collaboration with the National Park Service. This designation is not permanent. A large percentage of our still standing cabins must continue to be historic in nature. If a cabin is modernized so that it no longer has its historic appearance, it can no longer qualify as “Historic". Also (and obviously), if a cabin is torn down, it too looses its “Historic" designation. If the percentage of cabins designated as “Historic” drops below the required level, the US Department of Interior can revoke our “Historic District” designation which would enable the National Park Service to resume its cabin acquisition (and remove) program.
If you are going to make changes to your cabin please read these guidelines.  WHDT will try to provide assistance if needed.